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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At last my humble abode! Moving to NY has been absolutely crazy and wonderful all at the same time. I have had to do a few major adjustments, getting use to a smaller space, learning how to use the crosswalk and figuring out how to not spend all my money on food haha. I am feeling really lucky to have found my apartment! At first it was a little scary with nothing in it, I couldn't tell how big it was going to feel or really how small. I knew one thing I wanted was good window light, I wanted to have a space that felt alive and happy. Our view is absolutely incredible, we can see the freedom tower right outside along with some gorgeous historical buildings. And just to liven the place up I think house plants really gave this place some love. Any who....long story short, I am so grateful for Urban Outfitters Home because A. it's affordable and B. it gives me that eclectic vibe I love with out having to try too hard. 
Gorgeous rugs are by Eliko in NYC
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R+Co Hair products

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ok guys, today I am talking about hair! Most my life I have been pretty care free about what I put in my hair and taking care of it ( I don't recommend this ha). But, as I have gotten older I have really seen the importance and result that comes with a little tender loving for your hair. I discovered R+Co a few months ago purely off of walking past their amazing presentation of bottles and design in a salon, have you ever seen anything more beautiful? ( click here to see ).  I did more research and found out all their products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe. So I was already sold off of these two  things but then I started to use it and basically fell in love! Here I am using their Oblivion shampoo and conditioner with the Pinstripe detangling spray. I will never go a day with out detangling spray by the way! It is a must if you want to prevent any breakage and damage to your hair! Any who...if you have any questions please ask away. oh I am also a fan of their dry shampoo it comes in a wax form which freaked me out at first but visually does wonders. And for the men, my husband uses the Conformist hair paste and LOVES it. 

Peace, love and good hair.
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